I am not feeling brilliant today…

This post is in response to the word prompt of the day…

While it is so brilliant outside, what with the sun glaring off of the sheet-of-ice driveway, inside is a different story. While nothing hurts, my mind is fuzzy, certainly not operating brilliantly! I’m stuck to the bed, as if Krazy-glued in place…hours go by like this. Before I know it, it’s about 3PM. But I feel as if it can only be late morning at most! Time to start thinking about dinner. I drag myself across the house, clean the kitchen from last night’s mess, which I was too tired to deal with, and get dinner going. That done, it’s time to pick up the kids. For them, I put on my brilliant face, pretending to be the mother I always was, like nothing’s changed. I would say, “brilliant!”de9e2dad-00fa-4f41-bfcc-b44207b75c53-2874-000000d1f8d62872_file

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/brilliant/”>Brilliant</a&gt;

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