tofu bowl with runny egg and sweet chili sauce

A really good healthy easy to make recipe for those chronically ill folks like me:)



Here’s a recipe that just came to me as I was cooking the different parts of it. It was one of those meals that I kind of knew what I was going to make ahead of time, but wasn’t quite clear on the process. I knew that I needed to put a sunny side up egg on top because my son had seen a picture of such a recipe with beef and pointed out how yummy that looked. Coincidentally, he happened to be very hungry at that moment. I knew that I wasn’t going to cook meat and so the only option left was tofu.

Because I’m not functional until close to the time that I pick up my children every day, I’ve learned that it’s important to plan my meals ahead. If tofu is on the menu, I need to allow an extra hour for drying time. So I…

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4 thoughts on “tofu bowl with runny egg and sweet chili sauce

  1. I must say that sounds amazing! I’ve never been brave enough to try tofu, but because of this post I just might have to look into it deeper. I’m always itching to try new stuff, when budget allows of course lol


    1. Thanks! It’s not complicated once you lose the fear of making tofu. The key is to get it dry and then golden enough in the oven. Good luck hope it works. I never get recipes exactly how I want till the third or fourth time!


      1. Thanks if only recipes were that simple. I tried making a cake from scratch a few years ago using just whole wheat flour. Well, come to find out math was off on measuring so I had to use half whole wheat and half regular flour. Somehow after I made it, my wife loved it. Sadly, neither of us could ever figure out where I found the recipe from or make it again. The repeat attempt was horrible so we stopped looking lol

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